About Us

The Memories project was launched by four creative guys who wanted to do something to help people who have been affected by cancer…

Rishi Sodha
Back in the summer of 2008, Rishi Sodha founded Designers Against Human Rights Abuse – DAHRA. A non-profit organisation, it exists to promote and raise awareness amongst those involved in the creative industry of their social, political and ethical responsibilities. However DAHRA doesn’t only focus on human rights abuses, and broadening its charity remit, Rishi helped kick off the Memories project in 2009, bringing together the team that’s now working on it. Aside from his charitable work, Rishi’s an award-winning designer with a passion for everything from typography to illustration and on to digital design. In 2010, he co-founded his own studio, 2Creatives.

Stuart Boyd
Stu is the founder of Subism, a multi-faceted creative business that offers graphic design services, as well as doing live art projects, and completing large-scale, outdoor street art briefs for clients. Subism began in 2006 with the launch of an online gallery showcasing and selling original artwork by artists including Phill Blake, Julie West and Mr Penfold, and all of them are contributing to the Memories book. As the man behind Subism, Stu is always looking for new directions and one of the latest ventures is Subism Ink, a new range of UK-manufactured paints and marker pens available in black and several other colours inspired by Subism artists such as Dilk (turquoise), Phill Blake (philth pink) and N4T4 (purple). Stu’s been mixing the yellow himself.

Antony Kitson
Inspired by his father to set up on his own, rather than working for ‘the man’, Antony founded OneTenEleven Media in 2008. Antony is an expert graphic/web designer, and having been personally affected by cancer, Antony’s aim for the Memories project is to raise awareness and money for the charity Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres, and provide some hope and inspiration to others affected by cancer. Antony is also part of the Subism team, taking care of web development, events´┐Żand photography. When our book comes out you’ll be able to read Antony’s touching memories of his father.

Garrick Webster
Garrick Webster is a freelance journalist and copywriter from Canada who has lived in the UK for too long – long enough to have contributed to Computer Arts magazine since its inception in 1995. He has edited the title, along with several other creative and consumer magazines. Today he works as a freelance journalist covering topics like illustration, animation, graphic design, typography, film and sci-fi and fantasy art. He continues to make regular contributions to Computer Arts, Design Week and ImagineFX, and takes on editing contracts for a variety of clients. On 30 November 2008 his father George Webster lost his battle with a brain tumour, aged 62. Garrick joined because he wants to use his skills in the battle against cancer.